Meet The Team

We are wedding caterers working in Shropshire, and we (like you) are passionate about food and the way it is served. We are Kemp & Kemp Catering.

 karen kemp Karen Kemp  is the cornerstone of Kemp and Kemp Catering. Full of fresh ideas & amazing combinations that work. Her personal favourite dish is a griddled free-range chicken, stuffed with handfulls of fresh herbs & lemons. She makes the skin naughty and crispy with a simple salad of mixed leaves & some fresh crusty bread.
 richard kemp Richard is Karen’s husband and business partner, and project manages your event with precision and flair. He offers a real hand-holding service for his clients, helping to anticipate any pitfalls and keeping things running like clockwork on the day.
 supply chain Farmer, Butcher, Caterer. Kemp & Kemp’s wedding and event catering promises completely home-made food and short supply chains with fresh, local ingredients. Everything is made from scratch, from fresh, raw ingredients. Nothing is ever “from frozen”, “bought in” or “passed off”. You’ll find no mixes, no packets, no “catering solutions” and no short-cuts.